Carter, Anne, Patton Stormwater Project (CAPS)

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The City of Asheville is undergoing a project to improve stormwater drainage in the Carter, Anne and Patton area of Downtown Asheville. Moderate to heavy rain storms create localized flooding near this area.

A new stormwater drainage system will be installed within the public right-of-way that extends the existing stormwater system on Carter Street down to Patton Avenue, along the Patton Avenue right-of-way from South French Broad Avenue going west to Ann Street and running down Ann Street to tie into an existing public drainage system near Pearl Street. Additional drainage structures along Carter Street and S. Ann Street will help alleviate existing drainage problems in the area. Within the public right-of-way, drainage structures will also be added along Patton Avenue to Clingman Avenue to minimize ponding in the street impacting pedestrians on the sidewalks as vehicles travel by.

Pedestrian safety improvements will be made to the intersection of Patton Avenue and Clingman Avenue in coordination with NCDOT. Additional ADA accessibility improvements will be made to the sidewalks along Patton Avenue. This project improves stormwater conveyance and flooding as well as pedestrian and vehicular safety for the Patton Avenue corridor.

The design for the project has been completed and the City is currently developing a contract to begin the project.