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Self Guided Tours

Asheville Urban Trail and Architecture Trail

The Asheville Urban Trail is a walking tour of downtown Asheville and highlights the unique architecture, people and historic events of the city. The Urban Trail is divided into five distinct eras, each of which has a symbol. These symbols are carved into pink granite blocks placed in the sidewalk along the way for you to follow. All street crosswalks for the trail are mark

ed. Enjoyed in its entirety, the walking tour requires approximately two hours to complete. The map in this brochure identifies each of the 30 stations by a number. All 30 stations include a piece of art and/or a bronze plaque that describes the station.

Take a visual tour on your computer here.

  • To download the Urban Trail Walking Map (printable version) click here
  • To view the Interactive Map click here.
  • Play the Audio Tour here.
  • Teaching resources including a teacher's guide and scavenger hunt can be found here.
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Asheville Architecture Trail

This self-guided tour is perfect for any history buff or architecture lover, local or tourist, downtown stroller or urban explorer. This trail is a street guide to the exquisite 1920's buildings saved by the Depression

  • To download the Architecture Map (printable version) click here
  • To view the Interactive Map click here.
  • For other information click here.