The Importance of Downtown

Asheville Downtown Association Logo

Downtowns are special because they’re the only neighborhood that is shared by everyone in a community. A strong and healthy downtown stimulates economic growth and generates significant revenue for local governments. The Asheville Downtown Association is embarking on a project to showcase why our downtown is important. The intention of the project is to make the case for the importance of investing in downtown both financially and with human resources.

The project includes two components:
• A robust data analysis on the value of downtown, jobs supported by downtown businesses, local spending impact, public and private investment, and the cultural and social significance of our downtown. Check out a sneak peek of some of the enlightening data we’ve already pulled with the help of Urban3.
• A series of short videos highlighting the importance of downtown from various perspectives including commerce, social services, arts and culture, workforce, historical and residential. Here’s a teaser of what’s to come with the video series.

If you’re interested in learning more or getting involved with this project, reach out to us.