Urban Trail Stations Rededicated

Asheville Urban Trail

On Tuesday, June 29, the Urban Trail Committee will celebrate the rededication of three of the trail’s stations. The Urban Trail is a collection of 30 works of public art throughout downtown commemorating history, culture and architecture.

Shopping Daze: The marker was reinstalled following the Haywood Streetscape project in 2020. A plaque honoring the contributions of Jewish merchants to Downtown Asheville was added, as well as an improved location and extended area for better viewing.

Cat Walk: One of the marker’s famed cats was stolen, but fortunately, the original bronze casts artist Vadim Bora created were still available and a new feline was forged.

Grove’s Vision: The marker which features a glass etching showing the original architectural rendering for The Grove Arcade was reinstalled following recent downtown construction, and now includes solar lighting for viewing at night.

Following the rededication, walkabout, and remarks, City of Asheville Mayor Esther Manheimer will formally accept the public art markers on behalf of the City.