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Off the Wagon Dueling Piano Bar

Off the Wagon Dueling Piano Bar
22 North Market Street
Asheville, NC 28801

If you’ve never seen a dueling piano show, get ready for a crazy and fun-filled evening like you’ve never experienced.

As an entertainment venue, the musicians will impress you with their repertoire of thousands of popular songs from the last fifty years. It is an all request show, with no set list. All your favorite songs from when you first cranked up the stereo in your car and sang at the top of your lungs – just ask, and you might be amazed at many they know. Never taking themselves too seriously, they are all too happy to poke fun at themselves, the songs they sing, and even the audience. It’s a rock-and-roll, sing-along, total party atmosphere.

But the music isn’t the only thing happening at Off the Wagon. We have some of the most delicious drinks in the region along with the best service you’ve ever experienced. And sometimes the servers and bartenders are part of the show, so be prepared for anything. In fact, if you’re celebrating a special occasion, chances are pretty good you might end up being part of the show, as well! But whether you’re going out for a birthday, anniversary, bachelorette party, or simply to have a great evening, Off the Wagon is the place you will want to go for a great time.