Show Your Support for the Business Improvement District Today

Gerren Price, President/ CEO of the Downtown DC BID was the Keynote Speaker at State of Dowtnown.

Asheville Downtown Association’s mission is to create a Downtown area that beautiful, safe and welcoming for all. During our recent State of Downtown event, insights from a comprehensive stakeholder survey were shared, indicating a positive shift in the perception of safety in our beloved Downtown. However, the survey also unveiled a pressing need for substantial improvements in cleanliness and overall safety, with less than a quarter of respondents marking Downtown’s cleanliness as ‘Good’. Our goal? Excellence.

In our collective journey towards revitalizing Downtown Asheville, we are rallying support for the establishment of a Business Improvement District (BID). The transformative impact of BIDs on urban centers was eloquently presented by keynote speaker Gerren Price, President & CEO of the DC Business Improvement District, at the State of Downtown event. Gerren’s passionate discourse shed light on the multifaceted approach BIDs employ to address cleanliness and safety concerns directly. From the eradication of graffiti to the provision of year-round pressure washing services, the support for vibrant outdoor dining scenes, the deployment of ambassadors, to the undertaking of significant landscaping projects and the formation of dedicated maintenance crews, BIDs meticulously augment city services to create more welcoming and secure environments.

Gerren Price underscored the remarkable potential that unfolds when a Business Improvement District is deeply rooted in the community’s fabric, heralding a new era of positive transformation. The message is clear: BIDs are not just about enhancing city services; they are about revolutionizing them, fostering a sense of pride and belonging among all stakeholders.

The time to act is now. Asheville’s Downtown is the heart of our community. By supporting the proposal for a Downtown Business Improvement District, you’re championing a vision of Downtown Asheville that is cleaner, safer, and more inviting for everyone.

We invite you to be a part of this transformative journey. Advocate for change by urging city council members to endorse the Downtown Business Improvement District. Sign the petition today at and join those calling for a clean and safe Downtown Asheville. Together, we can make a difference. Together, we can create a Downtown that we’re all proud to call our own.