Buncombe County & City of Asheville Announce Additional Covid-19 Requirements for Businesses

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County and City leaders held a press conference today (Nov. 25) to announce new requirements for businesses, as well as plans for enforcement. They issued a Local Emergency Declaration outlining these new requirements.

All businesses must post their Maximum Emergency Capacity and signage regarding face coverings at public entrances. Signage resources can be found here.

Officials also announced that they will reassemble an enforcement team including city and county staff, Asheville Police and Fire, Buncombe County Sheriff Deputies and public health officials. This team will visit businesses to ensure compliance with signage, capacity maximums, face coverings and physical distancing. Businesses found in violation can be cited as follows…

  • First Offense: Citation
  • Second Offense: 24 Hour Closure, effective immediately
  • Additional Offenses: Extended periods of closure

Community members can report non-compliance by calling 828-419-0095 or emailing ready@buncombecounty.org.

For more information, visit buncombeready.org.