Survey Results Show Majority of ADA Members Support an Indoor Mask Mandate


The Asheville Downtown Association sent out a brief survey on a potential mask mandate to its business and nonprofit members (approximately 350). We had 87 responses over the roughly two days the survey was open. A few responses are from businesses who are not members of the ADA. The survey may have been forwarded to them.

We did ask that respondents identify the business they represent. We assured respondents that we would not associate the business name with the survey responses, so that information has been removed. We’ve also redacted some of the comments where a business is identified.

  1. We had one business that responded five times, but respondents identified as manager and employees of the business, so it’s possible that these responses were from multiple people within the business or that one person responded multiple times.
  2. We had two additional businesses respond twice.
  3. We also had several instances where one respondent represented more than one business.

In the three instances above, all respondents support a mask mandate. If you remove, the “double entries” (-6), but add the responses that represented multiple business (+8), the results remain essentially the same.

Find the survey results here.